– Helping Your Stay Healthy! is a Kaiser Permanente developed and maintained website that lets you share valuable feedback against various medical services received. The website as such is really basic at the moment, with not many details available. The home page appreciates you and takes your feedback seriously. Once here, you need to select the language –between English and Spanish for taking up the survey. Thereafter, you need click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed further.

About Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a 60-year-old multispecialty group based in the USA that is committed to providing you quick diagnosis, effective treatment, and fast recoveries. The company claims to have several expert medical care groups across the country to help you keep healthy. is the website through which you can have your voice heard about the medical services provided by the organization.

As the organization is committed to providing best-in-class and assured health care services to its members for more than six decades, it wants to hear from them about areas that need attention or general opinions about various services that are on offer. In this regard, has been established. The website is currently updating its features and is expected to be back with plenty of details shortly.

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carolyn williams
i cannot get to the survey on this website . dr s pazirandeh was excellent in everything. thanks 1926317