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Owner and operator of many apartments, mixed use communities, condominiums, etc., and a leading developer of real estate, Kettler strives for innovation at every turn. They are always looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are confident and bold to pursue their interests without any inhibitions and those who are willing to be part of the strong community of Kettler.

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Luxury card is a well known and reputed leader in the credit card market for premium customers. They offer patented metal cards in the black, gold and titanium colors with features that rival their competitors at every front. Be it concierge service or discount in airfare, they are working towards customer satisfaction through innovation and exemplary service. Their airfare and redemption rates on cash back are counted among the best along with other first class benefits.

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WSI TV works toward providing you the financial commentary and financial advisory so that everyone can make it big in the financial world.

All that you need is to register with your email address at and you will find yourself with many different surprise gifts from newsletters and other informational material. These are bound to help you make it big and right in the financial world, among the stalwarts in no time.

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Henckels is a name well known in the cutlery industry for their superior quality and precise designing, which ensures the best grip for the user. Henckels offers a warranty on all their products depending on what you buy, which you can avail of by registering the product with the company online. You can visit the website to register your product with them.

Product registration at Henckels

Registration of your Henckels product is quite simple and involves only a few steps to finish the process. 

  • To start with, click on the link where you will be prompted to choose the country you are from and the language you prefer to use.
  • After choosing the options Click on the “Select” button that is hovering below the input box. 
  • Click on the button and you will be taken to the next screen for choosing the product that you want to register with them.

Benefits of product registration

When you register your product with the company you can avail yourself of multiple benefits which is inclusive but not limited to the below.

  • Warranty on the products
  • Customer service on priority for any issues or service maintenance.
  • Professional guidance to take proper care of your product.
  • Video tutorials to help you use the product effectively.
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Information on the latest innovations in cooking
  • Tips to hone your culinary skills from across the world.

More about Henckels

Based out of Germany, Zwilling J.A. Henckels is among the largest and oldest of the knife manufacturers, with history dating back to nearly 1731. They have been offering kitchen knives, scissors, flatware, cookware, manicure products among others.

The knife ranges available under the Henckels banner have already gained popularity for their traditional designs, German engineering, ergonomic handles, precision cuts and many others.  Visit the website here.