– magicJack Support is a support website for magicJack products. magicJack basically makes VOIP products which are very easy to use. Their main product is a jack which plugs into the USB port of computer and provides a telephone port to plug your telephone into.

You can then make unlimited calls from your telephone to US and Canada.  The user only needs to have a good internet connection to make calls. The calls are made over VOIP, thats why the company is able to provide unlimited calls.

To use the support website, you need to provide your email address and phone number with which you registered your device. The support options are divided in 4 categories, such as

  • Your device
  • magicJack app
  • Orders and Renewals
  • Billing related issues

Currently magicJack provides a 30 day free trial. The device only costs $35. The company is in operation since 2007. Since it has been in the market for such a long time, you can rely on their services.

To visit the support website, you can click here.

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Rosalee Bean

need help to register my magic jack

Ernie Green

need to register my number

Ernie Green

need to register my magic jack number so it will work

Rosalee Bean

cannot get my magic jack working

Estelle Simmons

My magic jack number is not working. I need to speak to a technician,please

Rosanna Jones

I need to know if this modem, Motorola surfboard SBG6580 Router will work with your phone system.

gene robinson

need to find out if my magic go is properly
registered was sent a email message that their was a problem due to a password mix up need some help i am using my old system because i could not
get the magic jack go to work

Richard Baenen

Can I buy a used cell phone and use it away from the house sending and recieving calls using my majicjack go connection and same number?

gina matthews

Cannot activate magicJack with the wall jack I have no computer

rob choma

ph 5875780757 my phone just quit working it wont give me verifacation majic number 5783196559


My Magic Jack is not working.

don hildmann

I am having interference on my Ethernet and internet of my dsl when I use my phone.
this is now bad , I have replaced the line conditioner and
power adapter, to no avail.
I need help to stop this.

dennis semancik

ever since I installed the no robocall s block on my phone , friends call me several times and the phone rings , and when I pick up I cannot here anyone on the other end. 2 sometimes it works sometimes not I need help.

Irene Davies

I think the magic jack unit for my phone is not working (line in use) and I need to replace it


How do u change the voicemail greeting once you put the original one in many years ago

leonid yakobzon

hello. I want to keep my current phone#


How do I keep my old number


Please transfer my remaining mouths acct. 15136181 to my old magic jack plus which I still have. My magic jack go is physically broken.


how do I get a different magicJack number?


My magicJack has no more power need a new one but I want to keep number