– Logging into Jehova’s witnesses

As a group that wholeheartedly supports and promotes Christianity and Bible based beliefs, providing access to Bible online, the Jehova’s witnesses has gained popularity across the world with more than 8.45 million adherents. The official website of the organization offers access to Bible and describes the Bible based beliefs in detail. The organization comprises of hundreds of people from different backgrounds and helps dealing with many community issues religiously.

How to login to the Jehova’s witness website?

Being a member will give you quite a few privileges and access to the website of Jehova’s witnesses. As you create an account, you will get a username to use whenever you log in.  If you have an account, then you can easily login to this website by clicking on the below link.

When you click on the above link, you will be presented with the below screen for logging into the website.

As you can see there is a provision to provide your username and the password for existing users on this page. In case you do not remember your password or you are unsure of the username, then you can click on the “forgot your user name or password?” link below the password tab. Once you have given the necessary credentials just click on the Login tab and you will be taken into your account at the Jehova’s witnesses.

In case you are a new user and you are yet to create an account, then you can do that by clicking on the “Create a New account” link on the same page. On clicking this you will be taken to a different page where you have to provide some basic personal information for creating a new account. You will also be able to read the terms and conditions that govern this website in this process.

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