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As a boon to those suffering from COPD and other form of respiratory diseases, the Linde Group offers products under the name Lincare. Comprising of respiratory therapy products and other services which are aimed at improving the patients’ life, the Lincare products are counted among the top brands for these devices and services.

If you are already part of the Lincare family, then you can now access the different benefits you can avail of through your organization account at Lincare. You can simply use the link given below to know what you are eligible for and get further details about your account.

The link  will take you to the login portal that can provide you with the list of benefits you can get with your Lincare account.

The website is the homepage of the Lincare federation service portal. You have to provide your organizational account information to login to this portal. It could either be your lincare account or your Ahom account. Depending on the user account that you use, you can input the same here and click on the button named “Next” and you will be able to login to your account. 

Lincare being the best in the industry, aims at providing the best in infusion therapy, respiratory care and other medical equipments for patients in their own home. The team comprises of individuals who are dedicated in bringing clinical excellence and quality care at your doorstep. If you are looking to be part of this professional organization, then being part of the organization will help you secure your life comfortably.

You can use to get access to your organizational account at the Lincare Federation service. With access to your organizational account, you can then understand the different benefits that you can avail of.

To visit the website click here.

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