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Lmi3.com is a support website of LogMeIn, Inc. The purpose of the design and development of this website is to help users get connected with technicians so they’re able to realize their potential in a seamless way. The website is pretty simple to use and is quite effective. It enables interaction in real-time between people around the world and gets the work done amicably!

About LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a US-based premier SaaS company that runs a platform supporting 200 million customer engagements a year and 2 million daily users. The company’s solutions and products are continuously being used by not just professionals but also small and medium-sized businesses world over that are forever looking to empower their workforce, simplify external and internal collaboration, and get valuable insights into the journeys of their customers.

The easily scalable and frictionless technology that is behind the success of LogMeIn helps in improving customer support and engagement. Non-technical as well as technical users around the globe like to be more productive and agile every time and anywhere. The solutions that LogMeIn provides ensure they get just that!

How to use Lmi3.com?

Using Lmi3.com is as easy as learning alphabets. To get the assured support connection, all you need to do after visiting the website is type in your 6-digit code and click the ‘Connect to Technician’ button. Your connection gets established almost instantly!

You can visit the website here.

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