– Get an Insight about your Customers is a website that lets you collect the opinions and feedback of your customers and use that to improve their satisfaction. When your company or business uses the website’s services, it lets your agents interact with customers so they’re able to gauge their mood and valuable insights about the company and services in general. These surveys are presented to customers in an optional form wherein they can participate only if they’re interested in it and not otherwise.

The website is currently down but is expected to be online with lots of surveys and other services shortly.

How does work?

Before getting connected with your contact center agent, a choice is given to your customers for taking up a survey at the end of the call. As and when the customer accepts, customized questions are presented to him/her and their experiences/feedback is collected by using the keypad of their telephone.

What are the benefits of

This survey will give you an accurate picture of the satisfaction level of your customers, will help meet your goals through efficient customer service, and ensure that the genuine feedback of your customers is targeted by your training program and that a perfect curriculum is established based on the survey results.

You can visit the website here.

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