– Let Your Voice be heard! is a Kaiser Permanente owned website in which you can present your voice against the services rendered to you by the company. There isn’t much information you’re going to get when you visit the website at the moment. However, a lot of it will be presented to you over a period of time. When you land on the home page, you get the message saying your feedback is taken seriously whilst appreciating you in taking time out for visiting it. Depending on your language preference, you can choose between Spanish and English to take up the survey. All you need to do after choosing the language of your preference is hit the ‘Submit’ button.

About the company

Based in the USA, Kaiser Permanente is a 60-year-old group that is into providing services related to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The aim of the company is to help you stay healthy. And for this reason alone, it has tied-up with several medical care groups across the country. is the website you can use to put your point across the company and help it provide even better services in the future. is the website worth taking a note of. It helps the company better its healthcare services. If you have an opinion or feedback to share with the group, then this is the website you can visit.

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