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Designed and developed by Neptune Software, is a popular timesheet reporting tool that makes it easy to manage projects, clients, and resources. Using this tool, managers are able to track even the minutest details of any given project and thereby, make decisions that are in the best interest of the team.

Currently, the website is down but is expected to be live shortly. For immediate requirements, users can contact the server administrator directly.

Why should you choose

For a manager, this website is of immense use. In having access to it, they’re able to make informed decisions, track real-time status of various projects, and even address problems that could later become issues when they’re left unattended to.

What is really remarkable about the software is its ability to navigate seamlessly across its various features. From Employees to Activities, WBS Elements to Hour Types, it is easy and hassle-free to jump from one feature to another, across different users. There are graphic analysis coverage and high-level templates available through Dashboard as well!

What are the features available in

Different features are available through this software. Some of them include:

  • My absence and a quick report on time entered
  • Online/Offline
  • Time entry and wage type in SAP HR
  • Highlight the current calendar month

You can visit the website here.

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