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Whether you are a skilled individual looking for the right job or an organization in search of the right talent to take over responsibilities, the career connect portal at wawsmp.com can do wonders for you. The registration is quite simple and you will find yourself getting a whole lot of opportunities to choose from. If you are looking to register you need to provide your email id and other information on the company website post which you will receive an access code on your mail. This access code will help you to further access information on this portal and help you connect with prospective employers.

Steps for SMP registration

Once you receive the access code for SMP registration you have to click on the below link to register yourself.


You will be presented with the below screen.

As you can see in the above page, you have the provision to the enter access code post which you have to click on the OK button to get through.

The access code will give you the much needed access to an endless world of opportunities in the world of employment. The job opportunities will be matched with your skill set based on the information you have provided while registering with them.

Know more about West Alabama works

The company was formed in an effort to workforce council of region 3. It is to promote the region’s economic prosperity by providing a platform to support both the employers and work force to work together.

They have taken many initiatives to develop the work force in the region with hiring initiatives and apprenticeship programs for the workforce in the region. If you have the skills and the interest to learn and want to contribute to the society alongside, then you will find the right opportunity on this portal.

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