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About Ifc-serveintl.com

The website Ifc-serveintl.com seems to belong to IFC (International Finance Corporation). As such users need to have a private connection established with this website to access its content. If you already have Username and Password, then the same can be used to login and access the information provided on the website. The message ‘Authentication required’ gets displayed prominently as soon as you visit the website.

About International Finance Corporation or IFC

Established in 1956, the International Finance Corporation or IFC is a part of the World Bank Group that is committed to providing finance-related services to various businesses, especially in the developing world.

The ultimate aim of the group is to support the private sector and help improve people’s lives whilst reducing poverty. This is clearly indicated by the group’s mission statement. No doubt, while non-lending and credit assistance are provided by the World Bank through IDA and IBRD, the role of IFC is to provide loans, technical services, advice, and equity finances to the private sector.

The organization has the distinction of having its presence in over 140 countries and having already served more than 3319 companies till date. Among its clientele are various national, local private sector and transnational companies.

You can visit the website here.

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