Odbenefits4me.com – Managing Benefits have never been Easier!

Odbenefits4me.com is a cloud-based private company that helps manage benefits eligibility in a more professional and accurate manner for employers. The company claims to provide customized benefits management solutions and services to each employee as well as each client. Furthermore, the company is fully governed by business rules and ensures weekly audits and regular exports to TPAs/carriers to ensure the error rate in benefits eligibility is always less than 1 percent.

Benefits of using Odbenefits4me.com

Besides providing you a service that has less than 1 percent error rate, Odbenefits4me.com also ensures that your administration time is lessened by more than 80%. Therefore, if you’re an administrator using the services of this provider, then you can save up to 40 minutes for your employees per life event!

The professionals behind the success of the company have vast experience in consulting, technology, and handling employee benefits. From a humble beginning, the company has transformed itself into a management tool that can handle audits and transmit the regular updates to different vendors and carriers on a yearly basis. The company understands the nuances of benefits management and how often they change. This know-how, as well as the experience of serving hundreds of clients and individuals, have helped them and continue to help provide innovative solutions to all of them.

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