Driveline Retail Merchandising

Speed up your business strategies with Driveline Retail

Getting the biggest return on investment is not an easy achievement. In an agile and extremely competitive industry, having an efficient and effective companion to help you speed up your retail initiatives is definitely an advantage. From merchandise related activities, measuring category resets to stricture store sets, driveline is at your disposal. Researching the most proficient of analytical technology, project as well as space management endeavors, your success probability will definitely go up.

What can you achieve with Driveline retail?

 In using Driveline retail, you are able to enjoy benefits including but not limited to:

  • Category resets

This is done in a swift design, accurate and efficient regardless of the size.

  • Fresh item cut-ins

Fast and meant to dive comps across category resets capitalizing on customer opportunities and national TAB

  • Fresh store sets

Experienced personnel taking charge of whole store sets, associated activities such as signage, fixturing, and even merchandising

  • Retail audits

Accurate national retail audits that is inspired by the desire to achieve efficient and effective decision-making

  • Site profiles

Relevant to understand space as well as ad opportunities and fixturing meant to enhance industry leading tech and related processes.

  • Remerch store sets

Starts from tear down and extends through to merchandising

  • Store mapping, display installation, signage installation and OSA management

This is important to retailers as well as the suppliers in understanding and selling inventory opportunities meant to enhance return on investment.

What sets us apart from others in the field?

  • We are management owned thus your success is our priority
  • A single point of accessibility for everything you need
  • Small market coverage for maximum efficiency
  • Best technology for execution visibility in the industry
  • Correct national coverage for successful merchandise initiatives

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