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The website is currently not accessible. Also, there are chances that readers might be searching for and may have accidentally searched for When you search using the real website, you stumble upon Airbrush cosmetics provider, Luminess Silk. This website has on offer 12 different shades of airbrush cosmetics. The website promises to help you look at your brush in trying out its products.

The best part of trying out Silk is that only natural ingredients are used in making the cosmetic products. From Foundations to Moisturizers, Blush to Makeup Essentials, there is so much to choose from this website. Also, there is an option on this website to help match colors perfectly.

The award-winning airbrush makeup system that Silk has formulated and developed will last for a maximum of 18 hours. What’s more, in wearing the shades, you’ll feel lighter than ever before and will look flawless. The products are designed such that they can be used on a daily basis and give you a natural-looking coverage consistently.

The company provides free shipping for all orders above $50. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee policy in place, just in case you’re not satisfied with the products.

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