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Freedom plaza – a place to create your life’s next chapter

There is no way to predict the future and that is why you need to plan taking every possibility into account. The life plan community offered by freedom plaza does that for you, by taking care of all your requirements, ensuring that you have complete care until the end.

If you are already a resident of the life plan community offered by Freedom plaza, then you can access everything about your account and the services you have availed through their secure login on their secure portal. Click here for accessing your account at the freedom plaza.

The page is quite simple where you have to enter the username or your email id registered with them on the input box followed by the password you have chosen when signing up. Once done, you can click on the login button (marked in green) and you will be taken into the portal to your account directly.

Why choose Freedom Plaza?

 There are services that take care of your basic amenities and services that you can add up to your list based on your needs. The services are comprehensively designed to take care of any possible changes in your requirements owing to any factor ensuring that you have utmost convenience at your doorstep. 

  • It is a onetime investment which will ensure a lifelong care for you on both accommodation and health care.
  • Irrespective of the changes you may have in your life, your account expenses are managed well within the limits.
  • There is no restriction on who can visit and when they can.
  • There are programs that will help you to keep a portion of your capital aside and pass it on to your estate based on your preference.

Click on the link  to enter a world of life time care and amenities guaranteed.

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