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About is an online platform wherein job seekers can apply for various job positions with Mitchell Management Co, a franchisee of Jimmy John’s that is operated and owned independently. When you visit, you get an option to sign up with the website by creating your profile. In scrolling down, you get the option to search various career options. These can be sorted out based on your preferred career category, city, state/province/region, and type of job. Continue reading “ – You Job Search Ends Here!” – Get Your Career Started Here!

About is the online platform on which job seekers are able to view and apply for various positions in various locations of Burger King across the United States. When you visit, you’ll get an option to search job using different filters. If you already have a keyword, job description, or want to search job-based on Zip Code, then that’s possible. Similarly, you can filter jobs based on State/Province/Region. However, if you’re specifically targeting a job category like Maintenance, Restaurant Staff, and Restaurant Management, then you need the appropriate category. Currently, career searches can be made across different States like California, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Nebraska, and Missouri. Continue reading “ – Get Your Career Started Here!” – Career Opportunities at 7-Eleven is supposed to be providing Carrer opportunities available at 7-eleven. Or it could also be related to the recent acquisition of Sunoco LP by 7-eleven. The acquisition involves buying of 1100 stores of Sunoco and the deal was valued at $3.3 billion. The deal will bring back 7-eleven to the state of Houston. Continue reading “ – Career Opportunities at 7-Eleven”