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Technologically sound, the Parkland health and hospital system is truly a design of the future, which combines digital technology with expertise of 60 years, to provide its consumers with the best of medical facilities. The hospital is 100% digital with a virtual desktop solution managing both the needs of the patients and employees in a more beneficial manner.

In accordance to the hospital, having a digitized platform will help the professionals in the health care industry to work smarter and ensure a more personalized care to all the patients. And that is the motto behind the technological infrastructure of Parkland hospitals and the Parkland workspace, which you can visit at

Logging into Parkland Workspace

Having access to your entitlements and other benefits while working for Parkland will ensure that you take complete advantage of what is given to you. You are provided with a username to login to your personal workspace in the organization.

  • Click on the link to reach the portal for logging into your workspace at Parkland.
  • Upon clicking the above link you will be directed to a page which will request for your login credentials namely the username and password. The username would have been provided to you by the admin.
  • Enter the credentials in the space provided and click on the Sign in tab.
  • The domain for your login is also displayed below the username and password input box. If your domain name is not right you can click on the “Change into a different domain” to change the same.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link to reactivate the account.

As you login, you will be able to view details about your account with the hospital, the benefits you are entitled to and other information on a single page.

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