– $250 monthly redemption is offering upto $250 redemption against coffee purchase through Starbucks. All you need to do is make purchase at any Starbucks Store and then keep those receipts, as those receipts will be necessary for the redemption. You can use the redemption money for any food or drink (e.g. Keurig cups or other companies coffee products).

Here is how the program works

  1. Make purchase at Starbucks and keep the receipt.
  2. Every month, send those receipts to the redemption company. Don’t forget to send them before the end of the next month.
  3. You will be allowed to redeem upto $20 per month. But your receipts must reach a minimum of $20 or else you will be provided vouchers of the amount your receipts add up to.
  4. This adds upto $240 every year.
  5. Keep sending those receipts every month and keep reaping the benefits of this program.

If you have made up your mind, here is how to get started on the website.

  1. Fill in your personal details.
    1. Such as Name, Email address, Phone number and last but not least your mailing address.
  2. Upload the scan or photo of your receipts. You can upload maximum of 6 receipts at a time.

This offer is being run by PERCS coffee redemption and the site is powered by Woobox. If you have any queries you should reach out to


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