– Siemens Benefits Program  is an online portal that has been set up specifically to provide you benefits if you are an employee of Siemens USA. The site is served using Alight or Hewitt. If you have long been a supporter and customer of this paint, stains, and colors supplier, then you need to register yourself on this portal and watch out for the benefits that come your way.

The online benefits portal belongs to Siemens, USA. Siemens AG is a German MNC with its headquarters in Germany. The company is a major manufacturer of Medical diagnostics equipment. Founded in 1847, the company is a huge worldwide conglomerate with its divisions in various industries such as Industry, Energy, Healthcare etc.

How to use

It is easy using this online portal. Once you visit the site, you need to use your User ID and Password to log in and start looking for the benefits. In case you’re a new customer and are accessing the site for the first time, then you need to click ‘New User’ option below ‘Log On’ option and get on with the registration procedure. However, if you’re a returning procedure, all you need is the User ID and Password to get going.

If you are a new User, you will need to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number and your Birth Date. If your information is in the company database, i.e. if you are an authorized employee, you will get to register on the website.

It is better you go through the site’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement sections before continuing with the services as you’ll be familiar with everything the company has to provide in terms of benefits. In case you have queries, you can contact the customer service center of Siemens Benefits Service Center at 800-392-7495.


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