– Registering Your Genesis Credit Card

In an effort to help consumers who have not been able to get cards from the primary lending organizations, Genesis offers the merchants financing solutions through their private label credit program. If you have a Genesis card and you want to reap the entire benefits of this program, then you definitely have to register your card online. Just follow the instructions given below to register your account for online.

How to register your Genesis credit card?

With online registration, you can manage your account much better. To start, you need to click the below url.

And you will see the below webpage displayed to you.

If you have already registered for the account, then you can directly provide the username and the password in the sections given and click on Login to move to your account page.

If you are visiting this page for the first time, then click on the “Register” button on the screen and you will be taken to another page for providing more information. Once you have given the necessary information you will be able to register your account online. The information sought is basically your account number, in the absence of which you have to provide your personal details like zip code, last name, date of birth, SSN, etc.

About Genesis card services

Given that the program is meant for those who can benefit even when they are not honored by the primary lenders in the business, the card comes with multiple features. Once you register your account online you can get access to different benefits from account access, payment of bills through online portal, view statements, etc.  Of course the account can be used only for the purchase at the retailers as mentioned in the account agreement that you sign during the procurement of this card.

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