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About is the online portal that helps facilitate short-term loans to those who need it urgently. When you visit this website, the first thing that comes before you is a drop-down that indicates various loan amounts you can seek from the lenders and their corresponding repayment length. However, the website clearly specifies that for your loan request to be accepted, you need to check your eligibility. Among various things, you need to have a regular income and own a bank account in the UK.

Loans will be sanctioned only when the appliers meet the requirements of lenders and have got their approval. The whole approval process, as indicated on the website, may take up to half an hour. The funds will then be credited to your account the same day, at least in most cases.

The website has various features listed out on its website including FAQs, Support, Our Rates, Terms, Privacy Policy, and others. It is important for users to check these features time and again before applying for a loan.

About Cash Carrot

Cash Carrot is a UK-based broker that helps facilitate providing short-term loans to those that need them urgently. The company provides its loan services free of cost. However, depending upon the lender chosen on the network, other charges may be levied. The company as such is not the lender. It merely acts as an agent connecting short-term loans seekers with loan providers through a unique platform called

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