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About is the medical software developed by McLeod Health that makes it easy to maintain and access patient details. When you visit the website, you’re requested to register with the service provider. If you already have an account, you may use your Username and Password to get a login and start using the software. The website as such can be accessed in different languages like English, Russian, French, Polish, and others. In using One Medical Passport’s services, users can rest assured of securing their accounts. Furthermore, they’re able to send all their medical details to the healthcare team with a single click of a mouse.

The website has a lot of other sections that users can make use of. For example, you’ll find company information, privacy details and a help section that will help answers a lot of your queries. There’s also a video that will give you an in-depth patient overview.

About One Medical Passport

Started in 2000 by a team of energetic and enthusiastic software developers, One Medical Passport is the medical software services provider. Headquartered in Willington, CT, the company aims to help medical teams work in a smarter way for achieving desired results quickly and in a hassle-free way.

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