– Your Gateway to make a Fortune! is the online money making training system that claims to help you make $1,000 in commissions every day. The training in itself is pretty simple and good and can actually help you make money whilst you’re at the comforts of your home! However, the catch is that you need to pay $49 up front!

So what are the 16 steps you can look forward to in

Before you’re ready to do the payment of $49, make sure you know what the 16 steps are. Actually, these aren’t steps in a strict sense. They’re basically basic information and tools that you can use to make some money. So, here are those 16 steps…

  • 1-on-1 coaching package
  • 16 steps to 6-figures training
  • Products and services to market
  • Lead/Traffic Generation
  • Sales team to close sales
  • Broadcasts
  • Merchant Processing
  • Special Promotions
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Expert Direct Response Copywriting
  • Follow Up Messages
  • Split-testing and conversion optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Sales Funnel and well-defined sales process
  • Fulfillment of Services and Products
  • Hosting/Websites/Servers/Technology

How does the website work?

There’s a sales video you can watch for free when you visit the website here. The thing is that the video is there only for a limited period and, thereafter, it will be pulled down. In checking out the video and following the ideas given there, it is possible to make big money through

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Kristen Rivera
Kristen Rivera

I live in Ohio. I like to do this! Thank you!

Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels

So I have seen these kind of advertisements before and in the long run your not just paying the $49.00 for the training and so forth but afterwards you will have to pay for the leads as well as any website and then there are several other expenses. Then at the bottom of the advertisement there’s a disclaimer that states there is no guarantee you will make any money at all.


no guarantee not looking good