– Empower Retirement is an online platform that lets you plan your retirement in a systematic and perfect way. Developed by Empower, the site allows you to be a participant and interact closely with an expert for designing your retirement plan such that you can lead the latter half of your life peacefully and in a hassle-free way.


Using is easy. Once you enter the site, you need to key in the details like Username and Password that are on the upper right side of the screen. Then hit the ‘Sign in’ button to enter the site and start designing your retirement plans with an Empower expert. If you need any help in logging in, do not worry. Click on ‘Login help?’ link that is present right below the login columns. If you’re a new customer, you need to click the ‘Register’ button and fill in the required details to get going with your plans.

For more details on Empower and the retirement plans you wish to have, you can contact the company’s representatives between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM on 1-855-756-4738 from Monday through Friday. The site also has an option wherein a user can register his/her feedback. For regular updates and information about various retirement plans, Empower can be connected via various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Empower

Empower is one US’s largest retirement services company with over 8 million participants on its rolls. The company works closely with individuals, financial professionals, and plan sponsors in approaching retirement in a different way. In other words, Empower is committed to making the life of retirees better with the money they earned while they were working. To better understand what Empower can help you with, you need to be a participant with them and this can be done through

Retirement plans for everyone!

There are retirement plans available for everyone through Empower.

  • For Individuals – As the path to retirement will be unique for all individuals, their retirement plans also have to be unique. This need is well understood by the company. Therefore, individuals can use various resources and solutions the company provides them to chart out the retirement plan they richly deserve.
  • For Financial Professionals – Professionals working in the financial world can use the website for building lasting relationships and adding value to clients by giving them solutions that will help redefine the retirement landscape.
  • For Plan Sponsors – Empower is truly blessed in having the right combination of innovative technology, outstanding value, and industry-leading service that can provide Plan Sponsors with a retirement plan that will be the key for their benefits strategy. – Simplifying Your Retirement Plans!

About is the website that belongs to Empower Retirement. On this website, you should easily be able to find advice and tips on how to plan your retirement or plan your savings after you’re 50. What’s more, there’s a link available on this website that will help you learn more about the Empower Retirement mobile app. This app is special in that it provides all details you may need to plan out your retirement. Continue reading “ – Simplifying Your Retirement Plans!” – Rewards catalog is a rewards website for employees of Baycare group. You can claim your reward by entering your username and password which you must have received in your award packet.

You can select 1 gift of your choosing from the rewards catalog. You have 18 months time to claim your reward from your anniversary date in the company. You are still eligible for that reward in this 18 months timeperiod, even if you leave the company.  You will get a scheduled email reminder every few months, to remind you to claim your reward.

In case if you face any problem in ordering through the website, you should get in touch with Brenda Valdez at 1-800-898-2800 x101.  The site is being run by Eagle Recognition.

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