Hy-VeePerks.com – Get the full benefit of Hy Vee with the perks card

Dedicated to the shoppers of Hy Vee, the perks card, also known as the Hy Vee Fuel saver + Perks is a program that will get you discounts at multiple turns. Whether you are filling up gas on your vehicle or you are just out on a shopping at your nearest Hy Vee store, you can get exclusive discounts and deals with this card.

You just have to create an account on the Hy Vee, get your card from the Hy Vee gas locations and stores and of course activate the account to enjoy the perks.

Activating Hy Vee card

Click on Hy-VeePerks.com to reach the perks card web page of Hy Vee.

You have to first get your card at the local Hy Vee outlets after which you can click on this URL to activate the card. The below web page will be displayed upon clicking the url.

On the above web page, click on the “Activate my card” button and you will be able to activate your card in no time.

In case you already have an activated card, you can simply click on the login button and enjoy viewing the different transactions, deals and much more available on your Hy Vee perks card.

About Hy Vee

Hy Vee is among the largest chain of supermarkets with nearly 245 stores to its name, spread across the different parts of United States. This is an employee owned operation and the Hy Vee perks card is one of their most sought after product. Since this is not a credit card, you don’t have to worry about over spending but enjoy the benefits of having rewards added onto your perks card. There are discounts to be earned at the designated gas stations, and also get exclusive offers on digital and other products.

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