– Wellness Member Login is a login portal to Amita Health Exercise Program. The program caters to Amita Health Associates and Legacy Presence Health associates. The program includes exercises with all sorts of intensity, ranging from light to physically demanding. Any health associate can login using their Associate ID and password and can access the program from there.

For users who have not registered yet for the program, they can register using the form provided on the website. Before signing up, you will be asked to fill up a disclaimer form, which informs you about the risks involved. It also informs you that you need to get medical tests done on your behalf, which can confirm your physicall fitness to participate in the program.

After agreeing for the disclaimer, you will need to provide your Associate ID (8 digit or 6 digit code), your Date of Birth and email address. If you face any problem during registration, you can reach out to the help desk at

AMITA is a faith based wellness system based on Catholic and Adventist traditions. The company caters to 6 million residents in and near Chicago. Their network comprises of 15 acute care hospitals and 4 speciality hospitals.

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