– Your Chance to Win Some Cash!


The website does not exist or it may be down at the moment for some reasons. There are also chances that users are looking for and are accidentally typing The website,, belonging to Taco Bell, collects feedback from customers of their visit to the restaurant and gives them a chance to win $500 in cash! Continue reading “ – Your Chance to Win Some Cash!” – Your Opinions Count!

About is the website owned, operated, and maintained by Auntie Anne’s. It is basically a customer feedback collecting site that allows the restaurant to get an insight into the preferences of its customers and improve its offerings.  All the customer of Auntie Anne’s has to do is chow down pretzels from the restaurant and visit the site to complete the survey. In the survey, you’ll be asked a few questions regarding the recent purchase that you have made. The feedback thus collected will be employed to improve the customer service, besides improving the taste of pretzels and other items. Continue reading “ – Your Opinions Count!” – Your Job Opportunity is here! is a job listings website through which interested candidates can look forward to applying for vacant restaurant positions across multiple positions in Nashville and other locations in Tennessee. All the positions are supposed to be filled for Jack in the Box restaurant, a 1951-founded American fast-food company. Interested candidates will be screened by PeopleMatter, a company that handles HR requirements of the group. Continue reading “ – Your Job Opportunity is here!”