– Strache vs SCI Direct

The website is meant for people who were contacted using prerecorded calls  by SCI Direct acting as Neptune society. The case was made against SCI Direct because these calls were made to the users without their consent and they didn’t enforce “Do Not Call” policy.

So, if you were contacted by them, you might be eligible for a payment from them, on the premise that you didn’t give your prior consent to them to contact you to promote their services. You can submit a claim till 13 February, 2018. Or if you wish to be excluded, which will give you a right to sue them in another lawsuit , you must ask by 12 January, 2018. If you don’t act now, you will not be eligible for a payment and you will have given up the right to sue the SCI Direct.

So take action now and go to to file your claim or take any other related action in this regard. Visit Now 

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Leonardo Romero

I received a notice via post-card about a class action lawsuit against SCI Direct, Inc doing business as Neptune Society, and I don’t know if I am entitled to make a claim.
About two years ago I purchased a prepaid cremation for myself from Neptune Society. I have received no further information about its status so I am hoping that it is still good. Can you give me any information as to whether I qualify to make a claim or not. Thanks.


Received legal notice of possible payment from class action Settlement Administratrator .

Paula Panettiere

I received several Pre recored messages over the past several years ans just this past April I received a call from a person asking me if I was interested to discuss The Neptune Society products I was very confused by this call considering I had sent the prepaid claim form I would like to know what is happening at this time
Thank You
Paula Panettiere