Pdpr-client.com – Helping You Simplify Business!

Pdpr-client.com is the login portal of Payday Payroll through which both employer and employees can login and make use of the features available there to simply businesses and make it more efficient than before.

About Payday Payroll

Payday Payroll is a small company based in Florida and Virginia and has a history of more than 30 years serving companies to help drive their financial, personal, and professional growth. Belonging to the Kline family, Payday Payroll is among the best payroll and HR services provider in the industry today. A large part of this success goes to the exception team that works tirelessly behind the scene and their exceptional customer service.

A wide-range of services is provided by the company. Some of these include Payroll, Human Resources, ACA Compliance Reporting, Time and Attendance, and many more.

Using Pdpr-client.com

There are separate logins for employer and employees on Pdpr-client.com. For the employer, for example, there are separate links to access information pertaining to Ready Pay, PayEntry, Netclock, ACA, Background Checks, FinFit, HR Support Center, and Secure File Transfer. Employees, on the other hand, can access Employee Loan, Ready Pay Employee Self Service, Clock In/Out, PayEntry Employee Self Service, and New PayEntry Employee Self Service.

Besides being able to access information, users can check out videos and documents (including User Guides and Employee Forms).

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