Aveannabenefits.com – Accessing your aveanna health care benefits

From the nation’s largest pediatric care provider, Aveanna comes the opportunity for everyone to get their well deserved benefits. Aveannabenefits.com is well known for providing skilled therapy and nursing in pediatrics along with enteral nutrition, adult services, therapy and autism services. Providing quality care has been the goal of the company and they do well with their employees as well by providing you a private account to access the benefits they offer you. Continue reading “Aveannabenefits.com – Accessing your aveanna health care benefits”

salemtowneportal.org – Salemtowne – for a peaceful retired life

If you are looking for an environment that encourages independence and a healthy lifestyle for older adults then salemtowneportal.org is probably where you should be. If you are already part of this active community for older adults, then you would need to login to access to the community related activities and posts.

As a resident you will have a user name to login to the community portal. If you have the user name, then click on the below link to access your resident portal:


How to use the portal to login?

Upon clicking the above link, you will be presented with the below screen.

As you can see the screen has the current date, the time and the provision for providing your username and password to login to the account.

You can either provide the username, if you have one or use the email address that is registered with the Salemtowne community to login to the community website.

After providing the username or the email address, the next step is to key in the password that you had initially created with the account. After giving the password simply click on the tab marked as “Log in” t get into the portal of this older resident community website.

What if I don’t remember the password?

If you don’t remember the password, then all you need to do is reset it by clicking on the link given below the “Log in” tab. Refer to the circled portion in the above image for reference.

When you click on the “Reset your password” link, a new random password will be generated and sent to your registered email id. You can then use the same to login to the portal. We would suggest that you login and change your password immediately after this step for security purposes.


MyCoffeeRedemption.com – $250 monthly redemption

Mycoffeeredemption.com is offering upto $250 redemption against coffee purchase through Starbucks. All you need to do is make purchase at any Starbucks Store and then keep those receipts, as those receipts will be necessary for the redemption. You can use the redemption money for any food or drink (e.g. Keurig cups or other companies coffee products).

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methuenmeters.com – Baystate Winsupply Appointment Scheduler

Methuenmeters.com is an online service appointment scheduler service for the City of Methuen with Baystate Winsupply.  Booking of appointment is only possible if you have received a letter with work order number on it.

You can enter your work order number and service number on the website and book from any free slot. You might have to wait for upto 30 minutes from your scheduled appointment time for arrival of the crew.  In case if you want to cancel the appointment, you should inform Baystate Winsupply at 866-983-8080.

Baystate Winsupply operate from 8am till 7pm  on Monday to Saturday. They provide services for Water Meter or AMR installation. They provide their services in many other cities of Massachusetts. Their headquarter is located in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

jicref.com – Jefferson Travel Insurance Refund Program

Jicref.com is a website for those who purchased travel insurance from Jefferson Insurance company between Jan 1 , 2010 and Dec 12, 2017.

The plans were sold using Opt-out Marketing Plans. Such plans are designed in such a way in which if purchaser is silent or even if fail to reject, he/she is subscribed to the offer.  If you think you are eligible for the refund, you must have received a claim letter regarding this.

You can submit your claim using the website jicref.com. The deadline for filing your claim is Dec 5, 2018. Your information will be verified by the insurance company and if everything is in order, you will receive a refund at the address provided on the website. The payment will be issued between Jan 19, 2019 and Mar 5, 2019.

However do note that if your made a claim or received a refund earlier on the the travel insurance policy, then you will not be eligible for the refund.