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Part of the Yum! Brands Inc., Taco Bell has its own story to tell in terms of delicious American fast food options. As the name suggests, this fast food chain focuses on Mexican inspired delicacies like Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, etc. 

If you are part of the Taco Bell family, then you are probably assigned the username to login to your account and check your entitlements within the company. The website takes you to the company portal where you can provide your login credentials to access your employee account.

Apart from providing information on what you are entitled to, this website also guides the employees in their work areas, offering training and other materials to improve the quality of service.

Accessing your portal is made simple with the use of online portal clicking on which you will be led to a simple page asking for login information.

  1. Enter the username you were provided with in the field provided
  2. Enter the password in the space and then click on the tab marked as “Login”
  3. You will be taken to the page belonging to your employee information and you can access them at your pace.

More about Taco Bell

Founded in the year 1962, the restaurant started off as a hot dog stand in California under the name Bell’s Drive-in, named after Glen Bell, the founder. In a span of 5 years, the fast food operator had 100 restaurants to its credit featuring drive through service for its consumers. After being part of the PepsiCo for a few years, the fast food chain is currently owned by the Yum! Brands Inc. Today, Taco bell has presence in almost every continent across multiple countries in the world with a growing customer base for its yummy food.

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