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About Elishaneshoes.com

Elishaneshoes.com is the website that is developed and maintained by Eli Shane Shoes that is based in New York. The organization has been in operation since last five years and has been producing and marketing affordable but high-quality shoes of different types.

The website highlights the shoes for the 2018 Pesach season and offers the gift cards for the same. The value of each gift card is kept at $45 and is made available across two stores in New York – Foot Steps that is located at 626 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, New York, and J Footsteps that is located at 1116 Avenue J, Brooklyn, New York. The gift cards that are issued by the company can be redeemed in the above stores only. However, no cash value is fixed for these cards.

Furthermore, the program clearly specifies its terms and conditions. According to its terms, only one gift card is presented to a child and there are no exceptions to this. Also, the organization reserves the right to put a limitation on the quantities to be delivered. For any query, you can send an e-mail to them directly.

About Eli Shane

Eli Shane is a nonprofit organization that is committed to easing the financial burden of their Mechanchim and those that are dependent on them.

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