– Claim Your Free Stuff Today! is a complimentary membership program through which you can claim free gifts and get access to daily newsletters. This program is the brainchild of Freedom Forged LLC, the company that assures you of getting up close to the next level in performance, coaching, and fitness. This program is ideal for those professionals that are looking to have physical dominance, both in everyday life as well as athletics. Continue reading “ – Claim Your Free Stuff Today!” – Rebrand Your Links Now! is a website that has been designed and developed to help rebrand your links and ensure brand visibility. A product of Rebrandly, is what you need to customize your links and have them shared across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The whole idea is to help develop a brand for your business and gain visibility all across. Continue reading “ – Rebrand Your Links Now!” – Get Your Benefits Now! is a website developed by Nissan Motor Corporation that is directed towards providing employees with a comprehensive benefits program. Among various benefits a Nissan employee is entitled to receive as per the program is health improvement schemes. In addition to the employees, even their direct dependents help prevent illness, lead healthier lifestyles, and manage chronic health conditions in making use of Live Well program initiated by the company. Continue reading “ – Get Your Benefits Now!” – Managing Benefits have never been Easier! is a cloud-based private company that helps manage benefits eligibility in a more professional and accurate manner for employers. The company claims to provide customized benefits management solutions and services to each employee as well as each client. Furthermore, the company is fully governed by business rules and ensures weekly audits and regular exports to TPAs/carriers to ensure the error rate in benefits eligibility is always less than 1 percent. Continue reading “ – Managing Benefits have never been Easier!” – Get the Support Instantly! is the website that has been dedicated entirely to provide support to customers instantly and in a hassle-free manner. Using the website as such is really easy. All you need to do is visit the website and open the chat. One of the support staff executives will be online with whom you can share the details to get the required support. The company claims to have a rating of 9.2 out of 10 based on the experiences provided by 735 customers online. Continue reading “ – Get the Support Instantly!” – Helping Your Stay Healthy! is a Kaiser Permanente developed and maintained website that lets you share valuable feedback against various medical services received. The website as such is really basic at the moment, with not many details available. The home page appreciates you and takes your feedback seriously. Once here, you need to select the language –between English and Spanish for taking up the survey. Thereafter, you need click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed further. Continue reading “ – Helping Your Stay Healthy!” – Get Set to Enjoy some Benefits! is the website through which you can apply for Ollo Mastercard and get access to some privileges that are exclusive to you. There are different types of credit cards for you to choose from. Accordingly, the benefits attached to them vary. While Ollo Platinum card, for example, gives you credit just as you expect from it, Ollo Rewards, on the other hand, will provide you lots of cash backs for the purchases you make through these cards. Continue reading “ – Get Set to Enjoy some Benefits!” – Rewards catalog is a rewards website for employees of Baycare group. You can claim your reward by entering your username and password which you must have received in your award packet.

You can select 1 gift of your choosing from the rewards catalog. You have 18 months time to claim your reward from your anniversary date in the company. You are still eligible for that reward in this 18 months timeperiod, even if you leave the company.  You will get a scheduled email reminder every few months, to remind you to claim your reward.

In case if you face any problem in ordering through the website, you should get in touch with Brenda Valdez at 1-800-898-2800 x101.  The site is being run by Eagle Recognition.

Continue reading “ – Rewards catalog” – Login to MyADP is a mobile and secure website designed, developed, and maintained by ADP that lets users get access to their business and personal information. This self-service portal is the one-stop destination for all users to view their 1099s, pay statements, and other tax statements. That’s not all; users can also collect benefits, access HR features, talent, and time features on the portal.

To register your account, you will need a Registration code. You need to get this code from your organization administrator, who  must have created this code during employee registration. You might have received this code in an email from

Continue reading “ – Login to MyADP”